Re: GNOME Development Release 2.5.3: "That and a pair of testicles."

<quote who="Daniel Veillard">

>   I think we should still be able to keep funny release names, 
> even have fun proposing or selecting some, while still looking decent
> from a "professionnal" viewpoint (or rather from the viewpoint of
> people with different cultures which was really the core of the
> problem IMHO).

Developer releases have NO "professional" representation whatsoever. This is
not a marketing or representative issue at all.

>   Can we just call for release name 2 weeks before said release is
> done, have the release comitee pick one one week before. I think
> this can be fun, and an interesting way to get feedback from the
> community.

We have a theme for each release. This one is pretty focused, and actually
provides far more "offensive" potential than the name chosen for the release
just past.

I do not think adding more steps to the release process, for something that
is at best unimportant and silly, makes much sense at all. It sounds like a
massive overcompensation for one release name that tickled your interest.

By the way, Swedish is offensive in some parts of Australia, particularly
references to small girls who live with monkeys.

- Jeff

GVADEC 2004: Kristiansand, Norway          
                       'unf' is walking into a door.
                     'untz' is walking into a drum kit.

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