Re: GNOME Development Release 2.5.3: "That and a pair of testicles."


> >   I think we should still be able to keep funny release names, 
> > even have fun proposing or selecting some, while still looking decent
> > from a "professionnal" viewpoint (or rather from the viewpoint of
> > people with different cultures which was really the core of the
> > problem IMHO).
> Developer releases have NO "professional" representation whatsoever. This is
> not a marketing or representative issue at all.

This is a release that is being blessed by the GNOME Foundation, and it
goes to the public, and it is wildly distributed.

> We have a theme for each release. This one is pretty focused, and actually
> provides far more "offensive" potential than the name chosen for the release
> just past.
> I do not think adding more steps to the release process, for something that
> is at best unimportant and silly, makes much sense at all. It sounds like a
> massive overcompensation for one release name that tickled your interest.

I agree that it is an extra step for the release process, and if we
trusted people to not do something like this, we would not need this,
but obviously this trust is not there now.

So it is time to formalize this.


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