Formalising the release naming process [Was: GNOME Development Release 2.5.3]

<quote who="Miguel de Icaza">

> I agree that it is an extra step for the release process, and if we
> trusted people to not do something like this, we would not need this, but
> obviously this trust is not there now.
> So it is time to formalize this.

Proposal for Formalisation of the GNOME Release Names Process:

  Release names are unimportant and meaningless, and if people start making
  noises about them being inappropriate, let's just do away with the whole
  thing entirely for development releases, the same as we've done for our
  official stable releases. So, going forward, stable and development GNOME
  aggregate releases (such as the Desktop and Developer Platform) will no
  longer have release names. Individual module maintainers may continue to
  do whatever they like.

Let's not spend an enormous amount of time on peripheral issues like this.

- Jeff

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