Common sense


Release names serve a purpose IMO, they are not totally purposeless even if they are meaningless.

"Proposed Release Naming Guidelines"

1 release names should avoid words and phrases that are:
   * likely to start a flamewar
   * have high potential to cause offense (i.e  contain sexual or political references)
   * obviously difficult to spell/pronounce [1]

2 stable release names should be posted to desktop-devel-list for comment before adoption,
  and should be non-controversial.

3 selection of release names should assume that names will reflect on the perception
   of the GNOME platform, GNOME Foundation, and its members.

The recent release would have marginally failed 2.2 seeing as how 'testicles' 
is arguably a sexual reference.

Is that not simple enough?  IMO we don't need a 20-page rulebook to avoid 
_most_ potential problems here.

[1] I am not sure about 1.3, since it potentially discriminates against 
non-English speakers.

- Bill

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