Re: Common sense

I think any rules should only apply to stable releases, and unstable
releases should avoid names in order to reduce clutter.

If you change it to:


"Proposed Release Naming Guidelines"

1 selection of stable release names should assume that names will
  reflect on the perception of the GNOME platform, GNOME Foundation, and
  its members.

2 stable release names should avoid words and phrases that are:
   * likely to start a flamewar
   * have high potential to cause offense (i.e  contain sexual or
     political references)
   * obviously difficult to spell/pronounce [1]

3 stable release names should be posted to desktop-devel-list for
  comment before adoption, and should conform to 1 and 2.

4 unstable releases should be nameless, using simply the version.


It is probably better even though it adds a point.

Hugs, Rui

[1] I agree with your uncertainty on this issue, following the rule "if
unsure don't", then probably it should not be there.

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