GNOME Presentation Materials


A few people might have noticed, from the minutes of a recent GNOME
Foundation Board meeting, that Jeff and myself are starting to work on a
resource for presentation material that people can browse and reuse in
their own presentations.

We are looking for all kinds of submissions, in all kinds of languages
and all kinds of formats [1]

        o Papers
                - technical papers
                - whitepapers
                - case studies

        o Slides from talks
                - technical
                - promotional
                - infrastructural

        o Photos/Audio/Video
                - GNOME events
                - conferences

We are going to make these freely available on, and
all submissions should be freely redistributable for GNOME purposes. We
also hope to have on-line for people to upload their
photos sometime in the immediate future.

If you have material that you think would be useful and would like to
donate to the GNOME project, please a URL *only* of it to
marketing-list gnome org and we will get them on-line for you as soon as

Jeff's already put a few presentations on-line so that you can see an
example of what we're working on -

We hope to have a nice web interface around this soon!



[1] Everything from Postscript and PDF to and HTML.
    Ideally we would want the original source [OOo and mgp] *and* 
    the exported version.

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