Re: GNOME Presentation Materials

On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 23:14, Glynn Foster wrote:
> Hey
> A few people might have noticed, from the minutes of a recent GNOME
> Foundation Board meeting, that Jeff and myself are starting to work on a
> resource for presentation material that people can browse and reuse in
> their own presentations.
> We are looking for all kinds of submissions, in all kinds of languages
> and all kinds of formats [1]
>         o Papers
>                 - technical papers
>                 - whitepapers
>                 - case studies
>         o Slides from talks
>                 - technical
>                 - promotional
>                 - infrastructural
>         o Photos/Audio/Video
>                 - GNOME events
>                 - conferences

I'm not entirely sure that any of these qualify, but I've been urged to
submit these:

three talks on:
* how to use bugzilla.gnome:

* how to use bugzilla, more generally:

* gnome's organization:

Maybe these should go in a 'misc' dir or something? :) I don't want to
clutter things if everyone else is more on-topic.


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