Re: Please, include Gnome System Tools in Gnome 2.6 (+suggestion for preferences)

> FWIW, we've used (since we 'freed' x-s-t) the distro's tools. When
> appropriate, we'd love to use g-s-t, potentially as early as our next
> release, but we haven't had time to really test them and see what the
> maintenance/support burden would be for us. Obviously, if we're
> twiddling system settings and break them badly it's a real support
> nightmare for us. :/

I've been working on adapting (don't like the term porting) g-s-t for
SuSE 9.0, and my intention had been, where appropriate/applicable, to
use the backend to what YaST does as far as possible.

For example, the services tool currently just symlinks init.d scripts
into the required runlevels, but as soon as SuSEconfig is run, this
would be reversed because it calls SuSE's insserv script.  So I was
going to parse the list of required services, and use insserv to enable
the relevant ones, and disable the ones that aren't required.

This seems to me the correct way to behave where distros provide their
own tools, not to ignore g-s-t, but to make them play nice with the
distro's tools.

(Also, I know that the g-s-t list would be a more appropriate place to
discuss this, but it's so heavily laden with spam, it's nigh-on
impossible to use...)
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