Nautilus Scripts Website Maintenance


Most of you are probably aware of Nautilus's "scripts" menu and
functionality, which is a simple interface allowing you to run
executable programs on selected files, 'processing' them in various
ways.  I discovered them in the fall of 2001 and thought they were an
great innovation, but was frustrated that the feature was hidden and
there were no common scripts readily available.  So I started the
nautilus scripts repository (see initial announcement here:  It is now hosted at <>.

Since that time, many people have contributed a wide array of incredibly
useful and and sometimes bizarre scripts, and I think it smoothed over
many of the rough edges early Nautilus had (and some rough edges that it
still has).  Anyway, it's time for me to move on, and so I made a bunch
of pending updates to the site, but will no longer maintain it.  I am
not taking the site down, as I think people still find it useful (about
100 pageviews a day), and I will gladly turn over maintenance to any
interested party.  So if you or someone you know is interested in
maintaining it, email g-scripts-devel lists sourceforge net in the next
few days (before I remove myself from that mailing list) and I'll add
you to the maintainer list.  It seems like it might be better hosted
within the gnome web site, and if someone arranges that, I'll point the
sourceforge site toward the official one to avoid confusion.

If anyone is interested in taking over maintenance, it really isn't much
work: I've only received a dozen or so updates or new scripts in the
last year. But someone with more time to devote to this could do great
things, like actually testing them, updating them to use zenity,
cleaning out redundant and obsolete scripts, fixing broken url links,
finding a small set of useful scripts to distribute, getting some
included in gnome officially, etc.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and used these scripts in the past
few years!

Shane Mueller

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