translating property descriptions

Hi Guys,
	So, just recently I've realized that gnome-panel marks all its object
property nicknames and blurbs. Because these widgets are never (and can
never since its they're not in a library) be used in a GUI builder, the
strings could never be user visible and, therefore, translating them is
entirely futile.

	For a start, I'd like to unmark all these strings in gnome-panel (66 in
all). i18n guys, I assume that's okay with you? Nautilus and
control-center seem to be other major offenders ...

	More importantly, though, I'd like to figure out what should the
general guideline here:

  + Any object properties that aren't in installed libraries
    shouldn't be translated?

  + How about libegg? Its not supposed to be an installable library,
    so it makes sense not to mark these either, right?

  + Now, how about libraries that aren't currently being used in
    GUI builders? Like eel, libnautilus*, etc., etc. Should we take
    the pragmatic approach of not imposing this burden on translators
    until we know it is actually useful to somebody?

	I know this sounds like a minor issue, but we're talking about a fairly
large number of strings that are being translated needlessly.


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