Re: translating property descriptions

Hi Mark,

I like your idea :)

Mark McLoughlin <mark skynet ie> writes:

>   + Now, how about libraries that aren't currently being used in
>     GUI builders? Like eel, libnautilus*, etc., etc. Should we take
>     the pragmatic approach of not imposing this burden on translators
>     until we know it is actually useful to somebody?

It seems to me that the approach taken by Gtk+ on this is to split
translation into two domains (check gtk+/po for regular strings and
gtk+/po-properties for properties).  This has the advantage of not
dumping all the current translations, in case we ever get a GUI
builder tool able to make use of those.

> 	I know this sounds like a minor issue, but we're talking about a fairly
> large number of strings that are being translated needlessly.

I'm more in favour (favor — American? ;) of keeping them, since many
teams have already translated them.  Yes, it's possible to extract
them from CVS if we ever come to need them, so this is not neccessary
-- it's just the option I prefer (but it would require a bit more
work; though, Gtk+ folks have already done something similar, so it
shouldn't be much of a problem now with updated intltool just for that
purpose :).

This will still help translators decide on important and
non-important messages.  Perhaps it would be nice to have priority
marking in PO files as well? 

"#, low-priority" and "#, freaking-low-priority" ? ;)


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