Re: About that Quality thing [was Re: TARBALLS DUE + Release Update / Schedule Slip]

In case anybody is about to fall for the same trap I just did and thinks
"I can fix these now", a little bit of secret information...

On Sat, 2004-02-14 at 15:12, Luis Villa wrote:
> The worst of the TARGET2.6.0:
> Filesel issues
> ==============
> We want to be consistent across the desktop; we should use the new file
> selector everywhere. I mean, we're delaying the release for gtk, let's
> use the thing :) There are four open bugs of this sort:
> control-center:

These two both have patches (which have been around since mid-December).
The patches still apply cleanly (sans the normal ChangeLog problems) and
everything seems good. So these are not so much "problems" as "fixes
waiting to be applied".


This one and many others like it are going to be most easily fixed when
the patch in is
applied. This latter bug fixes up glade so that we can turn on the magic
toggle that tells libgnomeui to use GtkFileChooser instead of

Pretty much anything that uses a GnomeFileEntry widget in their glade
file then needs to be loaded up, have the "Use FileChooser" option
selected for the appropriate widget and then the diff sent to bugzilla.
Bug #132902 is just an example of this, I suspect (it is the

> gnome-media:

Has a patch, but the patch needs the be worked over with a hammer a
little bit to make it apply.

So the low-hanging fruit here turns out to be dragging on the ground.
Maintainer love is needed.


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