Re: About that Quality thing [was Re: TARBALLS DUE + Release Update / Schedule Slip]

Hi Luis,

On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Luis Villa wrote:
> gst-mixer regressing (might be unavoidable, given the gstreamer switch-
> media dudes?):

That's not a regression. Old gnome-mixer (well, at least the one in
gnome-media) didn't work with ALSA-0.9.x at all. It *is* a serious bug,
though, we're aware of it and Leif has offered to work on it (some time
ago). Leif, any comments?

But just to clarify: any type of regression caused by GStreamer is by
definition a bad thing, partly because it means we can't do something and
that'll slow us down in taking over the world but mostly just because it's
a lame excuse for a bug. A bug is a bug, a regression is a bug.


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