Re: translating property descriptions

Arafat Medini <lumina silverpen de> writes:

> Pragmatic or not I as a translator have ONE and only answer:
> All strings that are not user visible strings have to go out.

But there's a potential for these strings becoming "user visible" --
should we take such a one-sided stance in that case?

They are CURRENTLY invisible, so we SHOULD mark them with lower
priority (whatever the way to do that may be: either putting them in
separate translation domain, or marking them in a special way inside
PO files).

Besides, "user visible" is something that's very arguable: for
regular users, ".schemas" messages are invisible as well, for power
users they're not.  For developers developing on Gnome platform,
property strings will sometime probably (hopefully?) be visible as
well, and yet most of .schema strings won't (apart from those they
introduce).  I believe all of these deserve the right to see Gnome in
their own language, and that's why using "priorities" is best IMHO.


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