Re: Is it always like this?

<quote who="Mike McClintock">

> The recent messages/theme/testicle controversy really doesn't influence me
> one way or the other from a business perspective.  But my question is, "Is
> it alway like this?"  Did I just catch an out of the ordinary flame war,
> or is this the norm.?

If by "like this" you mean "flamewar", no. But if you mean "passionate",
definitely. :-) One of the great things about GNOME in recent years is its
friendly, co-operative culture. Most of our flamewars, when they happen, are
like this last one - fast, passionate, focused, resolvable, and although it
may not always seem like it, amicable.

> Should I be watching another list?

If you're after a pretty high-volume, active list of things being done on a
broad scale, d-d-l is the list to be on. If you're interested in the people
*and* development sides of GNOME, track the Planet GNOME and FootNotes
websites. :-)

  Planet GNOME:

- Jeff

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