Re: Remote Desktop - new name?

Mark McLoughlin <mark skynet ie> writes:
> 	Hmm, for me, the verbs most appropriate with "session" are "begin" and
> "end" - i.e. the most important aspects of a session is that when you
> log in, the session begins, and when you log out, the session ends.
> 	So, in this case if we talk about "Remote Session" funcionality, I
> would immediately think of starting a remote session through GDM using
> XDMCP, rather than thinking of connecting to an existing session.

That's what the proposal "Share Session" seems to be all about.

Though, I'm not going to take any stance here, but I'll add this: in
my opinion, user should not care in a which way (from a technical point
of view) is session established.  So, it should "just work" when
using the term "session" regardless of it being remote or not, and
what protocol was used to do should be irrelevant.  Of course, it
would first need to really "just work", and that's what should be
considered prior to this (if it does work).

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