keeping d-d-l on topic

	There was some discussion[1] on gnome-hackers about how the
signal-to-noise ratio on this list is becoming ever more poor. You might
have noticed that we're now trying to get people to keep posts on topic.
	But the question arises - "What is on topic?". I've changed the "About
desktop-devel-list" blurb[2] to my understanding:

This list is a forum for contributors to GNOME Desktop and Developer

This is a development mailing list and, therefore, discussions relating
to the development of the Desktop and Developer Platform are the only
discussions on topic. 

Please consider whether your post may be appropriate to one of the many
other GNOME mailing lists before posting here. 
In particular, note the following mailing lists:

      * gnome-annouce-list - all software announcements
      * gnome-list - discussions/questions about how to use GNOME
      * gnome-hackers - general discussions amongst hackers
      * foundation-list - discussions relating to the GNOME foundation
      * nautilus-list - Nautilus development

	Any comments ?


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