Re: Naughty Maintainers and Modules That NEED Releases

Changwoo Ryu <cwryu debian org> writes:

> But shared-mime-info does not still have enough translations.
> BTW, I don't like the process of the translation project, though I'm an
> old member of the project.  it's very difficult (relative to GNOME) to
> translate before each release.

I'm not really happy with it either.  It's dependent on me noticing a
mail coming in and dealing with it, and remembering to update the pot
file upstream.  I'd rather see translators have access to freedesktop
CVS, but until that starts happening in large numbers, we need a
mechanism.  Perhaps I should check the .pot file somewhere into GNOME
cvs so that people can translate it there and then move the po files


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