Re: Naughty Maintainers and Modules That NEED Releases

Jonathan Blandford <jrb redhat com> writes:
> I'm not really happy with it either.  It's dependent on me noticing a
> mail coming in and dealing with it, and remembering to update the pot
> file upstream.  I'd rather see translators have access to freedesktop
> CVS, but until that starts happening in large numbers, we need a
> mechanism.  Perhaps I should check the .pot file somewhere into GNOME
> cvs so that people can translate it there and then move the po files
> back.

This won't really work well -- you'd need to bother updating POT file
every time you change strings in the file, which will probably get
very complicated.

There's one more thing that is supposed to happen soon: new status
pages for Gnome translators will be able to pull out translations
directly from fd.o CVS, so translators will at least have an easy job
to spot when the translation needs updating.

It still doesn't mean that they'll have a completely satisfactory way
to submit their translations, but that's another issue that needs to
be looked at.

The biggest problem with TP I see is that there's no way to track 
latest CVS releases and to translate them.  Perhaps a simple RFE
should be made for that?


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