Re: Naughty Maintainers and Modules That NEED Releases

Danilo Segan <danilo gnome org> writes:

> This won't really work well -- you'd need to bother updating POT file
> every time you change strings in the file, which will probably get
> very complicated.

That's what I have to do now with TP, too.  It's the biggest problem
with the system.

> There's one more thing that is supposed to happen soon: new status
> pages for Gnome translators will be able to pull out translations
> directly from fd.o CVS, so translators will at least have an easy job
> to spot when the translation needs updating.
> It still doesn't mean that they'll have a completely satisfactory way
> to submit their translations, but that's another issue that needs to
> be looked at.
> The biggest problem with TP I see is that there's no way to track 
> latest CVS releases and to translate them.  Perhaps a simple RFE
> should be made for that?

Sounds good to me.  I'd be happy with any such solution.


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