Re: request for string addition

tor 2004-02-19 klockan 15.24 skrev Alexander Larsson:
> The plan from the start when implementing the spatial mode in nautilus
> was to add a preference that allowed you to get the old behaviour back,
> however we wanted to add this preference later in the development cycle
> to get more testing of the spatial code.
> We now think its time to add the preference, but its seems impossible to
> add a gconf preference without adding a translatable string. Is this ok
> to add? It would be two strings, looking something like this:
> <short>Enables the classic nautilus behaviour, where all windows are browsers</short>
> <long>
>   If set to true, then all nautilus windows will be browser windows. This is how
>   Nautilus used to behave before version 2.6, and some people prefer this behaviour.
> </long>

Ok from me. We're already a week and a half into the string freeze, but
on the other hand this seems like an important feature for the whole
GNOME 2.6 release, perhaps allowing the Slashdot hordes to rant a little
less about being shoehorned into new Nautilus¹ behavior². I think the
interests of translators will have to stand aside somewhat to that.

So in case the release team agrees to this, please tell gnome-i18n@ once
the patch has been committed so the translators know when to update
Nautilus translations.


¹ Perhaps Nautilus should be spelt uppercase in the message.
² I think "behavior" should be spelled without the "u" with American
English spelling, and Merriam-Webster seems to support that theory
( And
source messages should use American English spellings according to the
GNU/GNOME standards.

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