Re: Use of American/British English (was Re: request for string addition)

> > I'd also like to note that the use of British English [1] should not (and
> > I don't think does) hamper the ability of the i18n team to translate into
> > different languages.
> Consider translation memory tools. If I wrote my software assuming Aussie
> English, you wrote yours for British English, and Jody wrote his using
> Canadian/Quebecian Frenglish, anyone who used translation memory tools would
> very unhappy with us all.

"Franglais" aside, Am I right in thinking that all non-US english
variants have the same spellings for everyday words (slang excluded of

Whilst US english was allegedly misspelled on purpose after their war of
independence in a "we are not British" protest, I dont recall Aussie
words being spelt differently or at least having a reason to spell them
differently (maybe they have a reason now that we Brits have won the
Rugby World Cup in Australia :) )



> - Jeff

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