Re: Use of American/British English

On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 04:18:27PM +0100, Christian Rose wrote:
> 2) The de facto standard for this in most GNU and GNOME application has
> turned out to be the US English spellings, for better or for worse.

The difference is small, so not many have noticed.

> 3) Any developer contributing to the GNOME Desktop & Developer Platform
> should hence try to use US English spellings, and other terminology that
> the GNOME Project recommends, for example what's mentioned in the GNOME
> Word List.

No, they should use British English, as that would be best for the users
at large in the world. Think eg of India, which is a large market for
Linux, and who use British English as one of their business languages.

> 5) Anyone seriously unhappy with US English in the original strings can
> spend his or her time contributing to en_GB, en_CA or en_AU translations
> instead, providing much better use of anyone's time than ranting on a
> mailing list.

Why should people work on so many locales? Better have just work done
on a separate en_US translation.

> End of thread?

Probably, if you stay away from trolling.
But I think we should discuss this at Guadec, if you insist.

best regards

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