Re: Use of American/British English


> Why do you want to waste (I have no other word for nitpicking like that)
> developers time when it can be much more constructively used elsewhere?
> Also, it means patches that change very little and may hide other chan-
> ges (same thing as why whitespace-only fixes are generally not accepted)
> Besides, it means extra work for translators too.
> > its original strings, i.e. non-US spellings. If the application is not
> > part of the official GNOME release, that may still be acceptable,
> > however. But certainly not if it is.
> Every developer has the right to choose the language he writes his pro-
> gram in. Some actually write their programs in French or something else.
> I think you're wasting all of our time. Could you please stop this dis-
> cussion and get over it?

Wow, that's a seriously selfish viewpoint that I think you'll be in the
minority with. If you're writing software for your own personal use,
then sure, feel free to write it in whatever collection of languages you
choose. If you actually *want* your software used by other people around
the world, then you need to conform to some sort of standards to make it
easier for others to translate into their own language. The translators
are only doing you a favour at this stage ;)


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