Re: Use of American/British English

On Tue, 24 Feb 2004, Glynn Foster wrote:

> Hey,
> > Why do you want to waste (I have no other word for nitpicking like that)
> > developers time when it can be much more constructively used elsewhere?
> > Also, it means patches that change very little and may hide other chan-
> > ges (same thing as why whitespace-only fixes are generally not accepted)
> > Besides, it means extra work for translators too.
> >
> > > its original strings, i.e. non-US spellings. If the application is not
> > > part of the official GNOME release, that may still be acceptable,
> > > however. But certainly not if it is.
> >
> > Every developer has the right to choose the language he writes his pro-
> > gram in. Some actually write their programs in French or something else.
> >
> > I think you're wasting all of our time. Could you please stop this dis-
> > cussion and get over it?
> Wow, that's a seriously selfish viewpoint that I think you'll be in the
> minority with. If you're writing software for your own personal use,
> then sure, feel free to write it in whatever collection of languages you
> choose. If you actually *want* your software used by other people around
> the world, then you need to conform to some sort of standards to make it
> easier for others to translate into their own language. The translators
> are only doing you a favour at this stage ;)

I'm not arguing translations are a waste of time, not at all ;)
I'm just saying having a discussion about weither to use color or colour
is, and if you read the whole thread you'll see that other people grew
tired of it (the thread) too.
Besides, I think most translators will understand color and colour equa-
lly well, or even read over it. I really don't see the point in filing
bugs about something that silly.
And what I don't understand at all is that while Christian is always the
first to complain when a string breaks during string freeze (which he is
probably right in), of all persons he is the one insisting on changing
strings for the purpose of, what exactly really? I don't get it, this is
little different from even changing markup in strings, which is not even
allowed during string freeze...

> Glynn

Now can we please end this discussion? :)


Chipzz AKA
Jan Van Buggenhout

PS: If we have to pick one language for the C locale, I agree with most
    people that it should be en_UK, since that's what's being taught at
    school. Lots of highschool students are also "learning" English by
    watching movies, listening to songs, and using software. That way,
    they learn en_US, which may be considered wrong (it was at my school

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