Re: [Yet Another] New File Chooser Design

Sri Ramkrishna <sri aracnet com> writes:

> No, this needs to go to usability list.  Lets not go through this again.  
> Or talk to Federico directly.
> * none of us really have any power or say on what goes into the 
>   gtkfileselector, the maintainer does (Federico)
> * We'll go on discussing this with no possibility of coming to any kind
>   of conclusion. (see last thread)
> If you want comments, then I suggest you tell people to mail you 
> privately or send response to usability or to Frederico.

 * Please don't send mail to Federico.  He has enough on his plate
   getting the fileselector out to deal without having to deal with
   additional proposals.

 * Now is not the time for large proposals on new file selectors.  There
   is very little of the design that's open to discussion at this time.
   We only have a few weeks left before the thing has to be finished.


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