Re: GnomeDateEdit Problem

On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 17:58, Brian Pepple wrote:
> Has anyone had problems with the GnomeDateEdit widget not keeping
> setting?  I'm working on a libglade project, and in glade I'm setting
> the widget to not show the time, but when the app is compiled, the
> widget shows both the date & time.  I've also tried to set the flags
> with code when I'm initializing the app with gnome_date_edit_set_flags
> (), but this doesn't work either.

GnomeDateEdit looses the Glade state/setting on hide/show events.

from my toggle show widget function...

	if (GNOME_IS_DATE_EDIT (widget)) {
		gtk_widget_show (widget);
	else {
		gtk_widget_show_all (widget);

from my toggle hide widget function...

	if (GNOME_IS_DATE_EDIT (widget)) {
		gtk_widget_hide (widget);
	else {
		gtk_widget_hide_all (widget);

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