nonsrcdir builds for projects using gtk-doc ?

Does anyone know if it's supposed to be possible to do a nonsrcdir build
for a project using gtk-doc ? I was trying to debug why this isn't
working for GStreamer, then noticed it doesn't seem to work for even

I attached a simple bash script to run a nonsrcdir build; run it from
the glib cvs checkout directory to see what happens.

At some point the build will fail with
cd ../../../../docs/reference/glib/html && gtkdoc-mkhtml glib
warning: failed to load external entity "../version.xml"
../glib-docs.sgml:72: error: Failure to process entity version

because the version.xml file is generated in another directory than

Is this a bug in my conception of nonsrcdir builds, the script I'm
running, or is this just not supposed to work this way ?  Feel free to
set me on the right track ...


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