Re: nonsrcdir builds for projects using gtk-doc ?

And why is attach so close to send ? :) This time, with the script
> Does anyone know if it's supposed to be possible to do a nonsrcdir build
> for a project using gtk-doc ? I was trying to debug why this isn't
> working for GStreamer, then noticed it doesn't seem to work for even
> glib.

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if test ! -f
  echo "Please run this from a directory that has !"

echo "+ autogen"
./ || exit 1
echo "+ distclean"
make distclean || exit 1
cvs up
mkdir -p _build
cd _build
echo "+ configure"
echo ../configure --srcdir=.. --prefix=$BASE/_inst --enable-gtk-doc > reconfigure
chmod +x reconfigure
./reconfigure || exit 1
echo "+ make"
make || exit 1
echo "+ make dist"
make dist || exit 1
echo "+ make install"
make install || exit 1
echo "non-srcdir build successful"

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