Re: metacity: removing alt-shift-up/down

> > Havoc, is there any chance of changing the metacity keybindings defaults
> to remove alt-shift-up/down? Here's the bug:
> This will allow people to properly use keyboard navigation in nautilus
> 2.6. For instance, alt-down opens the folder, but alt-shift-down opens
> it and closes the current folder.
> Yes, we know that this will piss off a small number of people and that
> those people will complain loudly. That's the case with all window
> manager changes. But the average user does not care about that stuff.

Have anyone think about keyboard layout switch? Alt-Shift is one of default 
XFree layout switchers, many users use it even in Windows. Do you suppose 
that peoples move their most used key combination to switch layout to Shift_l 
+ Shift R, to start navigating in Nautilus?

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