Re: metacity: removing alt-shift-up/down

On Fri, 27 Feb 2004 11:28:53 +0100, Murray Cumming wrote:
> Havoc, is there any chance of changing the metacity keybindings defaults
> to remove alt-shift-up/down? Here's the bug:
> This will allow people to properly use keyboard navigation in nautilus
> 2.6. For instance, alt-down opens the folder, but alt-shift-down opens
> it and closes the current folder.

That seems like pretty twisted logic to me. You realise that if
this change was made, Alt-Shift-Left/Right would still move windows
between desktops but up/down wouldn't? And that you break UI backwards

Why exactly cannot Nautilus be changed? These are hardly intuitive
keybindings for opening a folder anyway. Currently "Enter" opens a new
folder, which seems logical. What's wrong with Alt-Enter or Ctrl-Enter for
Nautilus (which currently do exactly the same as enter does)?
> Yes, we know that this will piss off a small number of people and that
> those people will complain loudly. That's the case with all window
> manager changes. But the average user does not care about that stuff.

That seems like rather like a template excuse for any WM UI break
regardless of the validity of the change. We wouldn't think of changing
alt-tab between releases, right? Even though it could be argued that the
average user always uses the window list and not alt-tab.

I'm not say the change shouldn't be made, I'm saying that sticking a
blanket "average users don't care about this stuff" disclaimer on the end
of reasoning for a breaking change isn't especially impressive.

thanks -mike

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