Re: [file-roller] 7zip archive format support planned ?

Vincent Rubiolo wrote:
Hello to you guys,

Please redirect me if I am posting on the wrong list; since there is no list dedicated to file-roller I thought it might be the most appropriate one (Google searches also show that I might me true as other requests for file-roller have been apparently posted here).

I was wondering whether the increasingly popular 7-zip format ( by Igor Pavlov) is to be supported by file-roller.

Looking at the last changelog on the CVS (, I see not mention of 7-zip whatsoever. The TODO ( does not mention it explicitly. I also tried to do a search on this list archives ( and but the search engines keeps hitting a 404.

In case it is not planned, I may consider implementing it myself. Could sb then give me pointers on how to support a new archive format with file-roller?

read the HACKING file and then take a look at some implementations that can be found in the fr-command-*.c files

Thank you for your consideration.


Vincent Rubiolo

good luck,


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