Re: Patch: Xdamage support for Vino

Hey Federico,
	I've done some work on the patch and committed a new version with the
following changes:

  - the copy of the screen is now a XShm image wrapped in a XShm Pixmap
    in order to avoid creating an XImage for each bit of damage as 
    suggested by Owen.

  - re-use the same XserverRegion

  - just keep around the XDamageNotify event number rather than the 
    event_base and error_base

  - remove the root window event filter on finalize

	I haven't actually tested the XDAMAGE code path yet - I'd appreciate it
if you could do that, I'm sure there are bugs. Also, I haven't committed
any autofoo yet, it'd be great if you could look at that too.


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