gnome file selector feature requests

Just wondering what module gnome-file-selector bugs should be filed
against?  I'm assuming I'm just blind, but on you can
search in bugzilla for the gnome-file-selector product, but not enter
bugs for it.  

Anyway, a couple of things I've noticed in the last couple of days that
all ya'll might be able to give advice on if they are actual

 - You should be able to jump to directories in the file selector by using
   keys. IE: hitting 'g' should put me on the first directory/file that
   starts with g, mimicking the behaviour of nautilus.  This would also
   make navigation easier without clutting up the UI at all.
 - I also noticed that labels applied to folders/files are not displayed 
   in the file selector.  Again, this would mimick nautilus's display of
   folders and aid visually navigation of a list of folders.  IE: I can
   find my 'code' folder quickly in a large list of folders because of
   the labels applied to it.  I realize that part of this might be the
   smaller icon size makes it hard to apply labels, but I'm sure that
   nautilus handles this already somehow (maybe reducing the number of
   labels displayed (if > 1) as well as reducing the size.

Just a couple of thoughts after using nautilus and the new selector for
a while from a user point of view.

Comments appreciated (and a pointer as to where to file these
feature requests in!).


Alan <alan ufies org> -
"There are only 3 real sports: bull-fighting, car racing and mountain 
climbing. All the others are mere games."                -- Hemingway

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