Re: Vino: proposal for inclusion in GNOME 2.8

On Mon, 2004-07-12 at 21:25, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Mark McLoughlin">
> > I had originally planned not to propose Vino for inclusion to GNOME 2.8
> > until I had a clear idea where Vino was going with things like terminal
> > services, security and authentication but perhaps its useful to get this
> > in 2.8.
> Just to clarify, because everyone seems to be arguing about it (on IRC):
> You're planning to use this existing work as a base to do all the really
> interesting gdm roaming/reuse stuff, and have no intention to *remove* or
> significantly re-engineer the current user-daemon implementation and config
> panel, right? ie. this will continue to exist in future releases largely
> unharmed?

	Right, it would be an evolution. Some changes that might happen would
be the daemon might be activated by GDM itself and the "prompt me for a
password" thing might go away in favour of full system level
authentication via PAM in GDM.


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