Re: Vino: proposal for inclusion in GNOME 2.8

<quote who="Luis Villa">

> I'll have to look at it some more. I have to admit I haven't had time to
> set it up myself yet, so I've been getting all my information about it
> from your blog and your two pages :)

Sorry dude, but this thread exists only due to this uninformed noise. We've
been trying hard to discourage it on d-d-l -> what would your reaction be to
a 'random gimp' replying to a proposal without trying it first? Not entirely
savoury, I'm sure.

> > > [As a side note, 'getting wider testing' is not a reason to get into
> > > the desktop release- you should get wide testing /before/ getting into
> > > the desktop release, so that we make sure that the desktop remains at
> > > a high level of quality.]
> > 
> > I neither said that was a reason for including it, nor think it would be
> > a good reason for including anything.
> Jeff did, wasn't responding just to you :)

(Raised mostly due to sheer gobsmacked surprise at having to justify it.)

- Jeff

OSCON 2004: Portland OR, USA 
  "Linux continues to have almost as much soul as James Brown." - Forrest
                                 Cook, LWN

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