Re: Themes

On Wed, 2004-14-07 at 02:36 -0500, Shaun McCance wrote:
> In June we discussed getting a new default theme for Gnome 2.8.
> html
> There was a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of discussion but no real
> decision.  InDUBstrial and SmoothGnome seemed to be the two biggest
> contenders.
> We're getting close to the need-to-know point for documentation.  Can we
> get this discussion started back up and reach a decision this time?  If
> there are hard-to-solve issues, then perhaps we should just punt it to
> Gnome 2.10.
> --
> Shaun

In my opinion, industrial is more professional, but smooth has a more 3d
look. But more importantly asking to start the discussion again risks a
huge thread about everyone's personal preferences.

Therefore I suggest that someone with at least moderate competence with
theming be nominated to choose one based on practical considerations,
not "I like X, just because".

I nominate Jeff because he had the audacity to put his name on the theme
in the first thread, and he generally has nothing better to do 'round
here. ;)


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