Re: GNOME HIG and spec. a bit contradicting??

> >   2) Neither of you are developer and neither of you are actually going 
> >      to do anything about it. This is a working list for GNOME
> >      developers and contributors and, in that context, this is just
> >      noise.
> Pardon me, but I don't understand this. Who are you telling me what
> opinion I should have and how to present it and how I should have to
> contribute and participate to GNOME. Someone should give you a lesson on
> good manners and how to behave with other participants of this
> community. Wasn't GNOME an open community where people could
> participate ? I don't know that I elected you to become some sort of
> speaker or representant of GNOME or to stand up telling others what to
> do and what not.

hmmm...maybe he way trying to tell you that there are better places to
talk about it?

maybe the usability list?

(in general, read the info about this mailing list: )

and yes, i also agree that he could tell it a bit more politely, but
when you have to tell the same thing the n-th time...:)


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