Updating .desktop files


We'd like to move to use the freedesktop desktop file specification for
mapping applications to MIME Types.  That will let both GNOME and KDE
(and other desktops) share the same database for applications, and
provide a clear target for application developers.

As preparation for this change, we'll need to modify the desktop files
that we're installing to have a MimeType key.  This key will simply list
all the MIME types that that application knows about.  As an example,
gedit should have:


While ggv could have:


Note that this scheme doesn't support wildcarding.  Registering yourself
as 'text/*' or 'image/*' is an incorrect thing to do.  In practice,
simply listing 'text/plain' is sufficient as most other MIME Types that
you'd want to list with it are listed as inheriting from 'text/plain'[1].


[1] or will be.  This work is still in progress.

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