Re: RFE: (Gnome) wide online / offline mode


It's a great idea, I'd suggest implementing with D-BUS:

 - there's an object which has a method "bool GetOnline()"
 - it has a signal OnlineStatusChanged
 - could also have a method SetOnline() but maybe not

Normally, the online status is automatically toggled according to
whether the network interface is up (HAL can tell us this). (Combine
this with code Dan Williams has been writing for Fedora Core 3 which
brings the interface up/down automatically when the network cable is

But then there could also be a menu item somewhere for systems that
doesn't support the automatic notification, or for cases where e.g. the
network is up but broken/slow.

Basically have it work automatically, but with manual override.

It's a great project for someone getting into GNOME hacking I think.


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