Re: Themes

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 14:45 +0200, Murray Cumming wrote:

> And in case anybody didn't notice the first time, Industrial (no idea
> about SmoothGnome) does not work properly with several applications,
> such as Yelp and applications written with gtkmm, pygtk, and Gtk#:

See the mail I sent to gtk-devel-list yesterday:

Owen and I discussed this yesterday over IRC, and came to the conclusion

1. Yes, it's a bug.  We can't change the behavior right now, though, as
we are in a stable branch.

2. It would be great if someone could cook a patch to allow this syntax:

	widget_class "*.<GtkFoo>.*" style "blah"

Having a type name between angle brackets would mean that the RC system
would match for that class or subclasses.

According to Owen, (2) is a bit hard to do efficiently.  Some time ago
RC lookups were measured to be expensive, and then they got faster.  We
don't want to make things slow again.

While we wait for someone to fix (2), a temporary work-around is to put
something like this in themes:

	widget_class "*MenuItem.*" style "style-for-menu-items"

(Note that there is no dot after the first asterisk.)  This will match
GtkMenuItem, GtkCheckMenuItem, FooMenuItem, etc.  If language bindings
generate their glue classes with appropriate names, they will work.

[I need to add a summary to the bug's comments...]


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