new module: eggcups


As discussed last month on d-d-l and here on g-p-l, Matthias Clasen and
I have been working on improving the little "eggcups" program that Red
Hat has shipped for the last few releases.  I've now imported it into
the GNOME CVS, module "eggcups".

Just to recap, the original purpose of eggcups was to sit around and
wait for a D-BUS broadcast from the local CUPS daemon that said the
printer queue had changed.  When you clicked on the icon, you got a
printer browser, and clicking on an individual printer you could see all
of the jobs on that printer.

We've rewritten it entirely from scratch to show a list of the user's
jobs (as opposed to all printers/jobs) and their status.  The icon acts
as a little daemon that polls the status of the jobs using libgnomecups.

As mentioned before, this requires a D-BUS patched CUPS daemon in order
to function at all.  For reference, I've added the patch to the eggcups
module.  I'd like to consider the eggcups module the canonical reference
for this patch, so if you are a distributor and adopt it, and need to
modify the patch for any reason, please let me know.

Unfortunately I don't think I'll have time in the near future to support
the non-DBUS case.  It's a little challenging, requiring configuring
libgnomeprint to talk directly to remote IPP printers and then
communicate over some interface (Bonobo/D-BUS) to eggcups.  If someone
is interested in tackling it I'd be happy to assist though.

Anyways, I just wanted to get this imported into the GNOME CVS in the
hopes of building adoption, picking up translations, etc.  

In the long term I hope we can get the cups D-BUS patch upstreamed, and
at that point we could consider eggcups for official inclusion in the
GNOME desktop.

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