Re: new module: eggcups

On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 19:00, Colin Walters wrote:
> In the long term I hope we can get the cups D-BUS patch upstreamed, and
> at that point we could consider eggcups for official inclusion in the
> GNOME desktop.

One thing I've never liked about eggcups/gnome-cups-manager is the
explicit conflict between them.  g-c-m is a all-in-one solution for CUPS
management and user notification, whereas eggcups is just a user
notification tool.  If eggcups was included in the desktop, g-c-m would
have a hard time getting in despite having more features (and I'd say
that a decent CUPS management tool is quite important).

Ideally I'd like to see g-c-m's icon behave like eggcups, with pluggable
backends so that it can either poll as it currently does or use DBus to
receive events.  Then again, maybe the management parts of g-c-m should
be pulled into gnome-system-tools... 

Of course, this may have been already discussed as it appears Ximian
(g-c-m) and Red Hat (eggcups) are both working on desktop printing.  I
hope they are not working independently... :)

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