Re: new module: eggcups

On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 19:54 +0100, Ross Burton wrote:

> One thing I've never liked about eggcups/gnome-cups-manager is the
> explicit conflict between them.  g-c-m is a all-in-one solution for CUPS
> management and user notification, whereas eggcups is just a user
> notification tool.  

Well, eggcups isn't *purely* notification - it also allows you to cancel
your own jobs, for example.  

> If eggcups was included in the desktop, g-c-m would
> have a hard time getting in despite having more features (and I'd say
> that a decent CUPS management tool is quite important).

I agree that a management tool is important for people like system
administrators, who absolutely need to be able to e.g. cancel other
user's jobs.  But for an office worker, it's not necessary.

> Ideally I'd like to see g-c-m's icon behave like eggcups, with pluggable
> backends so that it can either poll as it currently does or use DBus to
> receive events.  

It would be possible to do that I guess, but it would be a nontrivial
amount of work for a fairly small gain; we already share substantial
code in the form of libgnomecups.

> Then again, maybe the management parts of g-c-m should
> be pulled into gnome-system-tools... 

My thoughts on this are that ideally, there would be no need for system
tools at all.  For example instead of "Add Printer", you dynamically
detect printers being plugged in, and configure them, prompting for a
driver if necessary.  This already partially works with the HAL backend
for CUPS (modulo driver prompting).  With the patches Matthias and I
have made for libgnomeprint, they then show up in your print dialogs
automatically, while the print dialog is open even.

> Of course, this may have been already discussed as it appears Ximian
> (g-c-m) and Red Hat (eggcups) are both working on desktop printing.  I
> hope they are not working independently... :)

I don't think so, we talk often on gnome-print-list, and I'm really
happy with the work we have going so far.

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