Yelp and Gnome 2.8

Nothing exciting has happened on Yelp HEAD since 2.6 except for the
transition to using the DocBook XSLT in gnome-doc-utils.  Unfortunately,
gnome-doc-utils won't be ready for the freeze on Monday.  I haven't made
any development releases of Yelp or gnome-doc-utils for the 2.7 series,
so they've gotten very little testing.

Consequently, I'm proposing that Gnome 2.8 ship with versions of Yelp
from the gnome-2-6 branch.  There are some bug fixes in bugzilla that
I'll be applying, and I'll make more 2.6.x releases.

Due to the extreme lack of resources in the GDP right now, I intend to
focus pretty much solely on documentation for the second half of the
release cycle.  So outside of simple bug fixes, I don't intend to do
much programming for the next month or two.


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