Re: how to make desktop app send email?

On Fri, Jul 16, 2004 at 03:14:53PM -0400, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> If we want something to work with legacy applications, we'd need a new
> command (gnome-send-mail or the like), with a given command line syntax,
> similar probably to sendmail/mail probably.  The command could then look
> up the user's preferred mail client, and "backends" could be registered
> which are basically scripts called with the commands and options given
> to it, and the backend can then translate to the appropriate command and
> options for the user's preferred client.  gnome-send-mail could then
> also have built-in integration with evolution-data-server or the like,
> which I imagine will be the common case for MUA on GNOME, and Just
> Work(tm) as users would expect.
> Extend that to provide a libgnomemail with a simple API for composing
> mails, and we'd have a pretty sharp setup.  On many machines, it would
> just call gnome-send-mail, which might just call sendmail, and work.  In
> other instances, it would use a backend or evolution.  The API can allow
> the application to identify itself to the backend, so the user can put
> in various simplistic (and non-secure) access controls or options.
> For example, say application A wants to send a precomposed mail and
> doesn't require user modification.  The app uses the API to send the
> mail.  The user has configured the system to always ask her approval
> before sending mail (in case of malicious and/or broken applications),
> so the sytem knows to popup a dialog identifying the app sending the
> mail, the recipients, the subject, and provide a button to review the
> entire mail contents.
> Would be pretty useful, I think.

Amen.  Any takers ?
What's the modern equivalent of gnome-love ?  We should get this
listed as a project ?

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