Re: RFE: (Gnome) wide online / offline mode

On Wed, 14 Jul 2004, Soeren Sonnenburg wrote:

> Hi all!
> I would want to suggest a gnome wide online/offline mode which is not
> just
> application specific as, e.g., there is support for an offline mode in
> evolution or epiphany but a more general solution.

I found two bugs relating to this in bugzilla (probably that no one has
ever seen since they're _assigned_ to unknown bugzilla gnome org).

Bug 145590 basically has a summary of what you say.

Bug 141175 tries to take it further and requests "presence
notification framework".  I thought the comments were somewhat
interesting; let me quote them here so that others can discuss further
(also, note the volunteer to help):

   Too many programs want to know the status of the user's presence,
   and they all divine it differently and poorly.

   Gaim/Gossip wants to know the user's status (away, extended away,
   do not disturb), so that it can set the outgoing status message.

   Gnomemeeting wants something similar (Available, Free For Chat,
   Busy, Forward), as may IRC programs (away).

   Xscreensaver wants to know when the user is away, for obvious

   Rhythmbox may optionally stop playing tunes when the user is away
   from keyboard.

   Evolution may have use for it too.

   Games may pause, rwho may be updated, seti-at-home clients may
   resume.  Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together - mass


   A framework for notification of presence changes would be very

   I heard a rumour from a friend of a friend who happens to use IRC
   that someone is working on such behavior.  This bug is created to
   ensure that it's not a bogus rumour, and as a statement that I
   volunteer to assist whomever may be working on it.  (Contact me,
   please, whoever you are.)

   This bug was suggested by my own displeasure with the state of
   things and galvanized into being by reading a patch to Gossip
   that very often checks to see if xscreensaver has grabbed the
   screen, a rather nasty hack, in my opinion, but possibly the best
   we can muster under the current circumstances.

Also, if anyone has any clue what the correct location to file these two
bugs would be (no one will notice them in their current product), let me


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