Re: [PATCH] jhbuild and question

On Sun, 18 Jul 2004, Jaap Haitsma wrote:


Today was the first time that I tried to build gnome with jhbuild. (A
very nice tool I have to say). This is also the first time I submit a
patch. So if I do something wrong please tell me.

Patches should be submitted in a bug report to bugzilla


I also have a question. In the documentation of jhbuild it says that I
need to add jhbuild run gnome-session to a session script of gdm. In the
version of gdm I use ( in Debian sid) works .desktop so I thought
I set the exec field to "jhbuild run gnome-session" but that doesn't
work the session dies immediately and the log says that gdm could not
run the command. If I put /opt/gnome2/bin/gnome-session instead gnome
starts. (In my case still not completely OK, because nautilus crashes
immediately). So should I put /opt/gnome2/bin/gnome-session or should it
work with jhbuild?

This is off-topic for desktop-devel-list, but see
(which I need to update and just replace '2.5' with 'CVS')

I guess the safest thing is to make a seperate account for when I log
into gnome cvs, right?? I'm afraid that the cvs version can add or
change settings on my normal account such that gnome 2.6 will not start
anymore on that account. Or shouldn't I be afraid for this??

Also off-topic, but yes a separate account is the safest (I usually don't
care because the odds of problems are small, at least in my experience)


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