Re: Proposed: cantus

W liście z wto, 20-07-2004, godz. 00:07, Christian Neumair pisze: 
> Am Dienstag, den 20.07.2004, 00:07 +0800 schrieb Trent Lloyd:
> > > it would also be nice if the audio/video properties page in Nautilus
> > > allowed the tags could be edited. Much better than a separated
> > > application like cantus.
> > 
> > Unless I'm wrong, cantus is a *mass* tagger, I don't beleive this
> > functionality belongs in nautilus (individual files, do)
> What prevents us from adding an if (selection_count > 2) condition and
> applying changes to all files? That is just a basic idea, it needs to be
> made more practible and concrete though.

Because mass tagging != taggin > 1 file. Mass tagging means things like
automatically renaming files to match tags, generating directories by
albums, etc. This REALLY doesn't belong to nautilus-properties-page, and
RB isn't good place for all of that either (though integration between
the two - mass tagger and player - is desirable). Maybe nautilus view
could do, but honestly, so far I haven't seen nautilus view with
advanced functionality that didn't leave some important bits do be


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