Re: Proposed: evolution

Jeff Waugh wrote / skrev:

  Evolution is an integrated mail, addressbook and calendaring application
  for GNOME. It brings in a number of dependencies: evolution-data-server,
  gal, gtkhtml and libsoup.

For some time we have shipped a WebBrowser, and an email application is a good step towards a modern desktops feature completion.

From a packaging standpoint though, I haven't looked at evolution 1.5.x, however the previous cycles have been one of the most hellish applications ever to package, with more prone breakage due to the sheer complexity and measure of it. How well has it evolved here? Will we still expect strange issues and internal forks of the db suite?

Currently, I have for more than two years refused to maintain or touch evolution, if it goes with the desktop I'd have to reconsider that as I'm still responsible, so I personally hope it has improved :)


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